CR6-SE glass bed available for purchase??

  • Just wondering if it is possible to buy another glass bed for this machine. I can't seem to find them anywhere. I have found a glass bed for the Ender 3 on Amazon,, appears to look the same...does anyone know if the new improved Ender 3 bed is the same as the CR6-SE?

  • The standard ender 3 bed is slightly smaller (I think 235x235) than the CR-6 SE's bed. I measured my cr-6 SE and found it's 245x255 It will likely be available for purchase on aliexpress at some point. They already seem to have a spring steel PEI plate for this printer there. Eventually Creality might sell it on their website too. I think I'll wait myself as I've never purchased off Aliexpress and don't really want to.

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