Ender 5 Plus Firmware

  • I am to use CURA's PAUSE AT LAYER or FILAMENT CHANGE post script (so that I can swap filaments halfway into the print) but it appears that the Ender 5 Plus does not react to the FILAMENT CHANGE command (M600) nor does it wait for a KEY PRESS on the LCD when it reaches the level where the pause command (M0) is issued.

    I read from other forums that this is an inherent problem. I am on a stock Ender 5 Plus which I just purchased about a week ago. The firmware version shown on the LCD says "1.7.2 BL" but when I check this site for the latest firmware from https://www.creality.com/download/32, it says the latest is "1.7.0" released on 22 Jul 2020. Why is the version listed at https://www.creality.com/download/32 a lower version that what's on my printer? I am sure the shop which sold me the printer obtained the printer before 22 July 2020 as well. Confused.

    So what's the latest version of the firmware and does it fix the M0 and M600 commands? I can't get the printer to pause using the gcode and pressing the "PAUSE" key on the lcd takes too long for it to react.

  • @adrian does your bed not cool as you press pause? Mine does and even as I swap fast, my print comes loose. Same with as I run out of filament

  • @dexyweescot Which code are you using? Firmware can't read some code.

  • Hi,

    I just tried the m600 command to swap and nothing happened. Has this not been resolved yet?

  • I just ran into the issue of trying to get it to pause for a filament change. As was discussed here.

    Does Creality intend to fix this issue?

  • @adrian Dear Adrian, Our website will update it later, as our R&D team doesn't send the newest to our team. Please do not worry about it.

  • @admin

    The PAUSE on the printer is not immediate. After pressing the button, it will say "Processing...." and by the time it actually stops, it has already passed the intended layer. Just for general information, I did replace the "M0" gcode with "G4 S120", and that appeared to have worked in pausing the printing for 2 mins, followed by a prompt by the printer to ask if I wanted to resume printing. So that's a work around I found.

    However, am wondering if anyone can explain to me the latest firmware version for the 5 Plus. As mentioned I have 1.7.2 where as your website shows only 1.7.0. Why would my version be higher that what's listed at https://www.creality.com/download/32 ?

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi @adrian, The printer is not supported by the setting of the slicing software to pause the printer, you need to manually press pause to replace the consumable

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