Is it safe to use the USB now?

  • Hi all.

    Been reading a few horror stories about the USB problems.

    I want to connect my laptop to my CR-6 SE but I don't want the motherboard or the laptop to burn out.

    Is it safe to do so?


  • Thought I would add this this thread. After having my first board fried because of trying to plug USB into my computer (fried my computer mobo too), I was sent a replacement. Version 4.5.2

    Because I was untrusting of the port still, I even bought this after seeing others recommend it:

    Unfortunately, the second I tried to plug my octoprint pi up to the printer, using that USB power blocker, I was immediately greeted by smoke and melting plastic from the printer usb port. Fortunately this time I was keeping a hawks gaze on the plug and unplugged it immediately before anything got fried.

    At this point, i won't trust the USB on this board. I've yet to actually get to print on mine since i recieved it in Sept, since the printer resets everytime I attempt to heat the bed. Support has been, unsurprisingly, silent.

  • @grashopper I would just never trust a cheap micro USB port anyway. I didn't like the high quality ones let alone the junk on these I just taped it immediately when I got the machine.

  • I have send 2 emails in the past weeks to creality with the same question if it is safe to use the USB port and they haven't respond yet. Don't think they ever will.

    My CR6-SE printer works fine at this moment and is my first 3D printer.

    At this point I don't think I will ever buy another creality printer due to the fact:

    • They were dishonest about the shipping sequence, shippingcosts (which were for express shipping and shipped in bulk), shipping process (they already started supplying the retail channels when the kickstarterbacker shipment where not finished yet)
    • They where dishonest and not transparent about possible issues to customers in the kickstarter project with even fire hazard as a result!!
    • They ignore real and known issues like the usb port which can damage the printer and even the device that is connected to it. The formally haven't responded to this issue yet.
    • When you contact creality via email or forum they don't answer in a helpful and constructive way which indicates that they don't want to help.
    • Or they just don't answer your question at all which is just rude.

    I don't know if this is a cultural thing and it's normal to behave like this in Chinese Culture but in the Western World it is not done for a company to behave in such way.

  • I will try that.

    Thank you.

    I have just bought a BTT SKR-CR6 V1.0 motherboard just in case 🙂

  • @deuse no.

    Get a cable and cut the 5v wire or cover the 5v pin with tape.

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