My CR10S does not read GCode Files

  • I am losing heart with this now. The printer just fails to acknowledge any GCode files I put on the SD card. I have used the Creality Slicer and Cura all to no avail. My only option, as I see it, throw this printer in the bin and find someone else's that does work. Unless, that is, someone has a solution as to what is going on. Are there settings? What?

  • @Bizeek This is, I think, the answer. It seemed to be completely random at first and I thought that it may have been space on the disk too. Thanks.

  • can you see any files on the card?

    can you browse to other directories on the SD card? there are presliced gcode files on factory sd card.

  • shorten the file name to about 8 characters. That's how I had to do it on mines. if the file name has spacing, remove the spacing and just have a word. "doddsyEMTv2.gcode"

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