CR-6-SE, all printers sent???????

  • Hello Creality,

    You just posted and emailed that you have sent all CR-6-SE printers.

    I am still not even on the list. Please stop lying to your customers and communicate with them. This behavior is not acceptable.

    Thank you,

  • I believe they were implying that the Max printers were sent. Email was worded pretty poorly. Wish they would more clearly state what their plan is for the late survey reply backers because its not been very clear. I was told via email that it would shipped by the end of October, it is now the 2nd week of Nov and no new news. The email stated that anyone who didn't fill out their survey for the Max would get it shipped immediately once they fill it out. I filled mine for the normal CR-6-SE out in July and am still waiting.

  • @marucusu

    Hello Marcus,

    Just wanted to make sure you knew there are lots of lists on the creality website (15 or more) I’ve had the same concern as you and ended up on the 12th list I think, to my knowledge there is know master list (cue creality to make one pls) but you can narrow it down by checking where the general destination of the lists are (the first lists are for USA only I think and I’m from Canada so that’s why I was so far back)

    Hope it helps buddy 🙂


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