CR-6 SE - Replaced Switch, will not boot

  • @Admin, I have been having the power switch issue for quite some time, however I was finally able to secure a replacement switch. The switch has been installed, and all appears to be good on the hardware side (the machine powers on, I am seeing proper voltage from the PSU and 24 volts to the main board. I powered on the unit the first time and it seemed to boot fine all the way to ready to print. I then powered down the printer, dropped the latest firmware onto an SD card and booted again with the card in - I was met with a Creality loading screen (Creality logo, empty progress bar) that was just frozen, no progress. (I waited at least an hour). I removed the SD card to try and boot normally and I am met with the same screen. There was a full day between my last power down and the power-up for firmware udpate, so I cannot confirm that it booted fine the next day (I should have booted it straight first), so either the firmware update attempt did something, or the machine simply isn't booting after the power switch change.

    In my power diagnosis all looks fine, blue light on the motherboard. I did notice that the second set of test terminals on the motherboard (there are 4 in the green block) register 0, but the first two register 24 volts. Should that second set of terminals be carrying power? Or any suggestions on how to proceed to un-brick this unit? 😞

  • bump I suppose? 12 days and counting. 😞 Does a thread that is all me, myself, and the proverbial I count as a leading indicator for multiple personality disorder? Regardless, at least I will have someone to talk to while I wait?

    Yes... yes you will.

  • @EventHorizon @admin Going on 7 days and no reply - is there somewhere else I should be posting for assistance? My printer is down and this is very disruptive to say the least.

  • @Admin any ideas? To be clear when I turn on the power I am seeing a blue light on the main board, and the Creality starting screen with progress bar (empty). This appears to be a default on power screen as there are no other loading indications. Once up it appears to just be frozen and never actually starts loading. Is there a hard reset or other process I might be able to try? Could the replacement power switch have anything to do with it? (I would doubt it since the main board is powering up...) I was excited to get to use my new printer after I finally found a switch to replace the faulty one, so this is a bummer. 😞

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