Micro SD Not Reading

  • I got my Ender 5 Plus this summer and barley got to use it due to moving into my new place. So now I have some time to print this past month ...and 4 prints later it isn’t reading any of the files on the micro SD card. I got a micro SD to SD adapter/extension to keep from wearing out the micro slot. I have bought a new card in case that was the issue and no luck. I have powered on and off...no luck. I even undid the extension and inserted the card directly...no luck. I noticed on a couple prints before it went that sometimes the files wouldn’t show up until I powered it off and on until the files appeared. So until I can figure this out...I am using my Ender 3 to print Any help would be appreciated.I also tried a usb cable to print from my laptop but it isn’t recognizing the printer....Frustrating

  • I have exactly the same problem. My 5 Plus won't read any files on the card except the pre installed ones from Creality and 1 that I loaded 2 days ago. The only additions it reads are files sliced in the Ceality slicer, which unfortunately does not list the 5 Plus. I don't know how to change profiles in creality slicer for the differences of the 5 plus e.g. bed size. Any advice from Creality or other experienced users would be appreciated

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