3 point leveling

  • I have had my Ender 3 for quite a few months and have made hundreds of prints, mostly successful. I have also made many upgrades and I have to say the first one I should have done was going to a 3 point leveling system. Basic geometry tells us that 3 points define a plane and more points are not only useless but make things more difficult. With the 4 point system every time I adjusted one point it would move the other points also and took a lot of fiddling back and forth to get them all the same, sometimes with one so loose the knob would work it's way off while printing. With 3 points all it takes is one adjustment at each point and you are done. It is also more stable and now I do not have any reason to need an auto leveler.

  • How did you do the 3 point leveling system? Is it a mod you buy?

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