Print on edge of bed and even off it ...

  • Greetings.
    Utter newbie here.

    Can't seem to figure out how to get the print in the middle of the bed. Wen I hit print, the hot end moves all the way to the left side and slams (in an unhealthy way) against a stop. Then it prints a pointless line along the left edge. Then it begins to print the model but the edges of the model are OFF the glass surface.

    Can anyone help please?

  • @Jdorser

    I have now fixed my issue with centering and it might be helpful to you also, go and have a read through this post on the octoprint site I started a few days back

  • The "pointless line" is for priming the hotend with filament, and should be extruded on the very edge of the bed, outside the "official" printable area.

    Could you upload your Gcode file somewhere to see if that's the issue or if the problem is in the printer?

    Does it "slam" if you home the printer from the LCD? If it does, is your X-endstop switch attached correctly and it's cable seated securely?

  • @Jdorser I'm having a similar problem but have been unable to figure out what the problem is so far.

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