Bed leveling suddenly started freezing screen

  • Bed leveling used to work on my relatively new CR-6, but suddenly it just stopped working. I hit level and it touches off in the middle, then slides to the bottom right, then back to the middle and is sticks there. I can't stop the leveling process by clicking back and have to power cycle the machine to get out of that screen. But it never works even after power cycling.

    Here's a video showing exactly what it's doing Nov 10%2C 3 57 50

  • Dear @samgaddis

    Refresh the screen and motherboard firmware; check the motherboard version number before brushing, enter the corresponding firmware, refer to the video tutorial
    For the firmware, please come to the website to download:
    {CR-6SE-V1.0.3.6.bin for version 4.5.2 corresponding firmware}
    {CR-6SE - V1.0.4.1(1).bin4.5.3 version corresponding firmware}
    {DWIN_SET is a separate firmware for the screen

  • I went to do a bed level and ran into the Homing Error 202 mentioned here. I cannot Z home at all without getting it. The optical sensor on the left seems to trigger before the extruder tip even gets close to the bed.

    I tried the community edition firmware as well as reflashing the release on the site but the issue persists.

  • You are not alone having this issue

  • @samgaddis
    Yes i hade exaxtly that issue too, with new firmware it gives you "Error: 202 (Homing failed)"
    But instead of freezing it continues printing crazy far off making spaghetti.
    It does this when I start prints too not just ABL. They sent me a replacement motherboard which didn't work due to another problem.

    It gets worse too or so I feel, times it happens gets more frequent and rebooting it us to re-heat again.
    Im sending mine back, done all I can.

  • @samgaddis Hello is anyone watching this forum? My printer is effectively dead for the last two weeks.

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