CR-10 V3 Some Newbie Questions

    1. about printer > states (CR-10 V3). So I am assuming that this is the intended software for making use of the BL-Touch sensor. Is the correct version?

    2. unfortunately I was impatient on delivery so I purchased one from amazon ( ) . It has been received and is a real BL Touch (smartv3.1).

    I figure I can use it and not send it back... I saw a bracket at that looks compatible.

    Does anyone know the thread size for mounting to the plate of the extruder?
    Are there any specific instructions that I should use to install the BL-Touch sensor on the CR-10? (it gets confusing as prior versions of the CR-10 discuss wiring issues and blowing out the motherboard!)
    Any detail on the wiring needed?

    1. Are there instructions for adjusting the extrusion head so as to prevent movement in the z axis?
      there seems to be excessive tension coming from the filament sensor as the device increases position in the x axis (moves toward the right). When the device is printing that tension is making the extruder head lift a bit and is goofing up the objects on the far right side..... ( I am pretty close to just bypassing the filament sensor)

    Thank you for your time.

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