The print stuck so hard I chipped my bed

  • Hello there 🙂

    My name is David and I’d like to by a replacement for the glass bed since it’s compromised right now.

    Story is I had bad adhesion, my prints kept failing because the bottom layer wouldn’t stick. A friend told me to run the self levelling before every print and clean the surface with rubbing alcohol and that’s when my life changed hahaha. Problem was fixed so all my prints adhered to the bed perfectly until it was too good. The print finished, I tried removing it from the plate and it wouldn’t budge, so I told myself I’ll let it cool down so maybe with the shrinkage it’ll just pop off or at least be easier to remove. Little did I know it did move even when it was cold, I tried taking it a step further and I put the plate with the print in the refrigerator overnight, next morning I try again, doesn’t move. At this point the print has been finished for over 24h and it’s still stuck to the buildplate. I got impatient and put a little elbow grease to it and finally got it off (tried with the spatula too but it could get under it). To my astonishment, a chip of the surface of the build plate came off with the print and was stuck to it.

    I’ve continued printing with that bed and I still have great results even when it prints over the chipped part, the prints haven’t stuck to the bed that bad since but I’d like to replace my buildplate, I know you could by them for 10$ as addons during the kickstarter campaign but I told myself once they’re done shipping to everybody they’ll make them available for retail at the creality store so I’ll wait but I haven’t seen it yet and I’d like to replace it before it gets worse (the extruder also went crazy once or twice and “carved/traced” the outline of some prints in the build plate so even if I clean it it won’t go away)

    Also notable detail when I clean the buildplate with rubbing alcohol the rag I take gets a yellow tint (originally white) so I don’t know if I’m whipping off some kind of anti-adhesive but if you could also tell what’s the best way to clean it according to you I’d appreciate it 🙂

    Other than that my CR6-SE is awesome 🙂 love the missing filament stop feature and it works great (save a 126 hours print 3 times)

    Best regards


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