ander 3 v2 Auto home Z height changes every time

  • Hello, I have ander 3 v2 almost one month and I have a problem with Z auto homing. I tried few time auto home in row and once is ok on the height what I leveled but sometimes it is 1-2mm higher and ruin print because it not put the first layer on the glass. Switch on the Z endstop sometimes click and sometimes not. I am very disappointed. What can I do with it? I still have a warranty. Thank you.

  • @vheo I agree with you, I am not sure if the problem is the switch. I think this problem starts when I install that firmware. Or problem will be switch and firmware 😄 . But no help from creality. I send it to seller because of warranty. I am really curious to know the conclusion of seller.

  • I have the same problem but it show after I upgrade the firmware with this Ender-3 V2_32bit_ 2.0.1V Latest Firmware_0814.rar from ( before that is was working fine, only problem it was leveling the bed and some time get some wrap in part of the pieces.

    I sen mail to and no answer, you can see the video here

    I received the print 1 weeek ago Nov 10

  • re-leveling did not help because it did not push switch on Z all way down, it did not click but it stop nozzle. When I re-level it and start printing at the beginning did not push it all the way down and again ruining the print. I am leveling nonstop after every print but when the Z endstop did not work properly you can not print. I am re-level it and start print and at the start switch did not click and nozzle is 1mm over the level what I leveled few minutes ago. so first layer did not place on bed. It is printing in to the air. very dissapointing.

  • @i0ne Please re-leveling after auto-home, and lower the Z-axis compensation parameter appropriately. If you have any other problems, we will help to fix it.

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