4.2.7 Silent Board Micro SD Card Slot

  • Hi

    I purchased a creality 4.2.7 Silent Board which has 1.0.1 firmware on the board.

    I don't want to wear out the micro sd card slot so I purchased a micro sd to sd adapter.

    Here is the issue and unsure if its due to the firmware as I have tested the micro sd card adapter on a laptop and also the sd card and both are working correctly.

    So once I insert the micro SD card adapter into the ender 3 pros micro sd card slot on the main screen it says card inserted even though a sd card isn't inserted in the other end of the adapter, when I insert a sd card into the adapter end and go into the menu is says no tf card inserted and their is no init card option either.

    When I take out the micro sd card adapter and leave the sc card in the adapter and reinsert the micro sd card adapter again it will then say sd card insert and on the menu it will then say print from tf.

    Which defeats the object as I won't to stop inserting and reinserting the micro sd card adapter end specially if if its under a 3d printed housing.

    Is it due to firmware restrictions from creality, I do understand the board has registered something been clicked inside the micro sd which results in card inserted on main screen, but can't understand why if I then insert a sd card at the adapter end then go into menu it says no tf card, only if I uninsert the micro sd adapter and reinsert will print from tf show up.

    Only other possible work around is put whatever I need on the sd card insert it into the sd card adapter and then turn on the printer to see if it print from tf card shows up.

  • @admin i understand that its just within this slot would wear out, i have a workaround well 2 in fact and thats to use the micro sd to sd adapter and insert the card then turn on the printer.

    or using another marlin software builld which is marlin 2.01 bugfix 2020-11-13 as this has a feature in which you can remove the sd card by selecting change media.

    i do hope creality can include these features into their future firmware builds to overcome these issues.

  • @TAZMANUK Dear, you can just insert the micro card directly into the machine, there is no need for an adapter. And frequent insertion and removal of the printer's card slot will not cause problems, please feel free to use.

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