Purchase recommendation for CR-6 SE ore not?

  • Dear @guivo @Grunema

    Actually, for the CR-6 SE, we do have some bad feedback, but as we checked, it is the one batch that happens that kind of issues. We have change it to be better and use different materials.

    Now we are sending the 3d printer to some professional people in 3d printing to test it again. And we will know how it is in public. It is good stuff, but with bad quality control at first. Now it changed.

    Thanks for all your support. We do many lessons and experiences were learned. And trying to make good and in time and professional after-sales support. We will make it better.

    No matter what kind of 3d printer you have, welcome to the 3d printing world, I will wish you have a good experience.

  • I have to change my suggestion: DON'T BUY.

    Good ideas and potential but Creality failed on some fundamental parts and it is not doing anything serious to handle the damages.

    @admin is silent since many days on the many open topics, showing serious problems in deciding what to do.

  • I would strongly recommend against buying anything from Creality.


  • @spauliszyn

    Thank you spauliszyn and thanks everyone for the answers.

    I can really not understand that the Cr6 se have so many isues. Creality hab so many expirience with 3D printers. Than they get the money from the kickstarter projekt and develop a printer with so many problems

    I think i will buy an other type.
    At the moment the atillary sidewinder x1 is my favorit.

  • @DGeist The blue light should light up when you press the nozzle. And check the opto coupler on the left too. It also has a light that should respond.

  • @Grunema maybe the CR-6 will be better in future builds, when they work all the kinks out of it. I feel like they rushed its development for the kickstarter. When it is working ok it prints real nicely. There are a lot of tweaks needed to make in the slicer but that's with any printer.

    For me the problems that have been fixed by me or advice by others are:

    • Save settings to EEPROM: Get latest firmware and keep the same SD card in the printer (there is actually no EEPROM on the board).
    • USB powers the display when off: Slice open a cheap USB cable and cut the power line.
    • Auto bed leveling: I keep my tweaks saved in my start gcode.
    • Adhesion: Yes I used rubbing alcohol at the start. Now I use gluestick and wash the glass with warm water every few prints, when the glue residue is too mountainous.
    • Calibrations: Like any printer, followed advice on https://teachingtechyt.github.io/calibration.html#intro
    • Defective power button: I bought a new one on amazon and installed it. Easy and cheap.
    • Z-sensor: Can calibrate the touch sensitivity by a small setting screw on circuit board on the hot end assembly.
    • Hard to feed filament into feed motor: Printed a alignment clip that snaps in between the runout sensor and drive box.
    • Bed loose on Y-axis rails: Adjust the screws under the bed, one side has offset nuts so that the wheels can be tightened/loosened against the rail. Helps with the ABL as well.

    These are not for everyone as you may find some have had horror stories with these issues (fires, sensor faults, motherboard fried, excessive grief over wasted money, missing parts in the shipment, missing printer (no tweaks for this one;), etc.)

    Things I still want improved or fixed:

    • Quieter fans. Got the small blower on order now since its the cheapest. I'll work on the case fans next.
    • A new glass plate. Mine got scratched a bit because my z-offset was default. Maybe I should get a flexible mat
    • Some sort of nozzle wiper and purge box, to better implement purging between filament changes and the wipe procedure
    • Firmware - add filament change command
    • Firmware - more responsiveness from touch screen when printing from computer/octoprint
    • Firmware - better organization of touchscreen options. Move commands should be under Control section and Set Temperature should be under Prepare section.
    • Firmware - Z-offset should not be limited to ±0.5mm. I usually run at +0.45mm so its not a huge deal for me.

    I wouldn't say no to this printer but if you can wait a year, it may be better 'out of the box'

  • No.

    We're all unpaid beta testers for this printer.

    • Autolevelling (a major reason why I bought this printer) just doesn't work.

    • Support is appalling. I started off with someone who didn't even know about the CR6SE being in their lineup.

    • Boy, is it noisy. When peope are replacing fans after a week or two with a new product you know something's up.

    Maybe buy one in six months when they have ironed out the problems, as, if it worked, it'd be a terrific printer.

  • @Xites I appreciate the link. Thank you.

    I gave it a try. Landed on 1.67 and now the nozzle won't come near the bed. I went down the rabbit hole a bit further and tried to update the firmware and now my touch screen is stuck on the Creality loading screen with no progress...

  • I have an Ender3 and a CR6. I have good experience with both, but the CR6 for me actually worked better, in my experience is worth the extra $$.

  • There is no support, no spare parts and no response from Creality at all.
    So shall I advice to buy it? I guess not.

  • @Grunema My CR6-SE works fine at the moment except for some firmware bugs, but i do not dare to connect it to another device via usb. at this point i can't recommend this printer to anyone.

  • I'd say it depends on what you're looking for. If you're looking for a sturdy and fairly easy to set up printer with great print quality, that'll need some user maintenance every now and then (I would definitely switch the power switch, and upgrade the PSU and control board cooling fans to quieter ones), the CR-6 SE isn't a bad option.
    I would buy it from a reseller if I could do it again, as a lot of them have way more responsive customer service. Have heard good things about SainSmart, for instance.

    If you're looking for something that's plug and play, reliable, or something with good availability for spare parts etc. I'd say look for at least another Creality printer like the CR-10 or an Ender 3, or something entirely different altogether.

  • @DGeist
    Thank you for your answer.
    I read so many Problems about the Cr6 se that i buy an other type. I think i buy an artillery sidewinder x1.

  • My CR-6 is a hunk of crap. Hasn't worked once since I bought it. My nozzle is trying to bust through my plate

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