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  • Dear Creality

    I have asked many times on live stream, facebook messanger and via email to beta test printers for you and i have 25 years experience in beta testing and test for a few companies and we have a goof working relationship in making a better product and finding bugs and issues that can be addressed.

    Its paramount to have hardware and software tested, however you seem to just pass these products to youtubers which just unbox, assemble and give their thoughts and because they have a large fan and viewer base.

    You should send units to beta testers or have a special section in which their is a beta testing area to you can allow people to apply to beta test provided they fit the criteria, also within that beta area you send tasks to do so it can be carried out, also beta testers would also try to find issues themselves and also give ideas on how to make the product better. This could be from packaging, manual, accessories, firmware features, hardware.

    I hope you can feed this back and you can always get in touch with me as i have asked multiple times.

  • @TAZMANUK No I find it ironic that in your post where you explain you'd like free product in exchange for beta testing, in the sentence where you say you have a good working relationship with a few companies in finding bugs and issues, you typo'ed the word "good" to "goof". See it's a goof w/ the word "goof". Ironic.

    Creality already obviosly has in-house testing, which would be much more efficient (quick access to both design staff and to the production line), but the CR-6 SE proves that there are problems in their QA/QC procedures.

    If you're actually serious about offering professional testing services, and not just after free hardware, I think contacting corporate Creality staff via e-mail or phone, instead of customer support personnel via the consumer customer support forums, would be more effective and seem more professional to the people in charge of making such decisions.

  • So with the issue that arose from the cr6se machine and the issues they have had from kickstarter you feel its ironic that if beta testers was on board before kickstart launch to flag these issues up would have same time, money and stress.

  • @TAZMANUK said in Apply for Beta Testing:

    goof working relationship in making a better product and finding bugs


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