Upgrade Kits for Ender 3 Pro

  • Hi

    On a live stream they was showing us a Ender 3 pro to Ender 3 v2 upgrade kits which would have a silent board a bl touch and a ender 3 v2 lcd screen so that a ender 3 pro can be upgraded to a ender 3 v2.

    I asked if the ender 3 v2 LCD screen was going to be available as a separate kit as i already have a 4.2.7 silent board and do not want a bl touch as this moment in time.

    They said the kits was going to be available but i don't see any of these kits.

    Also i asked one the live stream if you was going to do a silent fan kit for the ender 3 pro which i was told to email Jelly, I emailed Jelly and she sent me a an attachment of some silent fans which would be again available soon, again these are not available and would like to know when they will become available.125382705_737908880403405_8125855114856663954_n.jpg

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