Are you going to post a supported firmware version of BL Touch for Ender 3 v2?

  • Are you going to post a supported firmware version of BL Touch for Ender 3 v2? It was there then taken down. There are others that have supported versions, do I need to use there's or are you going to get something posted soon.

  • @dkfauth We have a notification for Ender-3 V2 BL Touch firmware. Please check the newest post:
    Thanks for your support.

  • Gave up. Was using the version they posted before taking it down. Got tired of waiting for any updates and moved to smith3d. Working great with more features.

  • @SlackHacky

    I know. Fully aware... I pointed this out a couple times when they kept jerking it around in the beginning.

  • @timd1971 they did release v1.1.1 BLTouch firmware for E3V2 but then removed it!..., seems its removal is more marketing ploy due to lack of hardware (kit) than anything else.. of course some of US grabbed it before it went, and there are other firmwares out ther (smith3d etc) plus its based on Marlin 2.0.1 so is way behind in development

  • @dkfauth

    I think Creality is still "working on" this and probably going to sell their version of a kit for the Ender 3 V2. That is just my assumption of things.
    I am no hurry for it, so am going to wait until everything ready, tested and ironed out.

    I have the yellow springs, and it's no problem leveling via paper/post it note. The yellow springs make it to where I don't have level the bed so often. I can run the paper 4 corners and center just to double check between prints real fast versus start over each time. You cannot do that with the stock silver springs... those are junk.

    But yes, it would be nice if Creality could just let us know their plans for the BLTouch and it's firmware... but i think they are getting close. ; )

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