Simple Mods for printing ABS on Ender 3.

  • So recently I just got my Ender 3, and it's my first 3D printer. I've seen many videos and forum discussion to print ABS using Ender 3, and many people said it is not very easy. But on the second day I got my printer, I do some simple mods to make it works with ABS because my first test print with ABS didn't work.
    Things I do is as below:

    1. Rewire the board fan to the hot end fan so it is always on, so it won't be off when the parts cooling fan is off.(I've seen this from others people's post)
    2. Print a shield to isolate the hot end fan, so it won't blow to the nozzle and prints. This is because even the parts cooling fan is not running, the gaps between the hot end and the fan housing still letting the hot end fan(which is always on) blowing on the prints, which makes the ABS can't stick to the bed even the bed is heated.
      To make the shield as shown in the picture, just print from the file using PLA first for temporary use(because at this stage the printer can't print ABS very well).
      After that, install the shield by undoing two screws for the fan housing, then just slide it in under the hot end fan and reinstall the housing. Then, print another one with ABS as a test print and use to replace the PLA shield so it can last longer.
      File and pictures: link text

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