[Help] Ender-3 Pro printing area size reduced

  • (Sory for my poor English)
    My Ender 3 Pro have a problem that is driving me crazy.
    The size of the printing area decreased suddenly
    From 220x220mm to 190x190mm.
    Its not the slicer, i tried different settings slicing 220mmx220mm pieces and see then printing in 190mmx190mm.
    (i use Cura),i have downloaded 3th part Gcodes and it shrinks from 220mmx220mm to 190mmx190mm too. I think its something in the machine.
    It lost the last 2mm on X and Y.

    My Ender is my mini factory, part of my job. is crutial to my work printing the entire bed size.
    I would appreciate it if someone could point me in a direction.

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