Second Silent - Firmware locked

  • Ordered a new V4.2.7

    The screen did not work. I had to send it back.
    My replacement arrived today, booted fine with Marlin 0.0.6

    I downloaded the latest firmware for the V4.2.7 (with the adapter board) as I have the BLTouch.

    Formatted my FAT32 8Gb card (With 2Gb partitions).
    Renamed the file to Firmware.BIN.
    Put the card in while machine off.
    Turned machine on.
    The screen came on, blank.
    The BLTouch does its little click test.

    Now that's it. Nothing else. The screen is still on fan is running but the firmware hasn't uploaded correctly.

    I have tried without the adapter board firmware. The same.

    I'm not sure where I have gone wrong.
    I upgraded my V1.1.4 thinking this would be easy and I have failed this simple task.

    I do not know what to do now either.

    Any advice would be warmly welcomed.
    I have had a look at the Marlin coding but it is way past my skill level to code

    Many thanks in advance

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