Ender 3 v2 won't boot up with MicroSD extension cable inserted

  • Just got an Ender 3 v2 and everything work great, but when I got a microsd to sd extension cable to use with the printer I started getting problems.

    The printer won't boot up with the microsd extension cable inserted into the microssd slot (the screen turns on but nothing is displayed on it), if I turn on the printer without the microsd extension cord the printer starts without a problem and if I insert the extension cord after the printer is turned on the printer can't read the microssd card.

    The printer works fine with the microsd card on its own, but I want to use the extension cord so I want to know why its not working... I'd appreciate any help.

    The printer has firmware "Ender-3 V2_32bit_ 2.0.1V Latest Firmware_0814"

    Thank you for the help

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