Creality Forum User Guide

  • Why there’s a Creality Forum?
    Hi, Friends, thanks for using Creality forum, for build up a better user connection, and provide better service, Creality build this forum enables beginners & professionals to update your 3d printing stories, you can post and let more people know about your models and designs, also, if you have any questions or encounter any troubles while printing. Any questions about Creality 3d printers are welcome to post here, we encourage and hope that people who know more about 3d printing technology can be with us and stick together to make our 3d printing community better.

    How to use Creality Forum?
    First of all, you can register an account for yourself, it requires your email address and you can set up a user name, password yourself.

    creality forum 1.png

    After you successfully registered, then you will find out there will some topics and posts on the home page, inside the post, you are able to reply to a topic on the page itself. Creality forum comes with a built-in with a mentions mechanism, similar in style to Twitter, Facebook, and other social sites. When posting or replying to a topic, I can mention a user by appending the @ sign before their user name.

    creality forum 2.png

    If you want to set up your personal profile, you can click your profile, here you can customize you’re your profile page, you can set a profile picture and a cover photo similar to what you would see on Facebook. you can also be able to view a feed of your activity on the forum. There’s a specific notification you might need to know is that the picture size you want to upload on the top of our personal page is 1920*376mm, incase of upload the wrong picture that it didn’t fit.

    And you will figure out that the setting page allows users to change their interface for the forum, including the language preference. There will be 40 languages allowing you to select your preferred language for the forum control.

    creality forum 3.png

    More otherfunctions, you can check this video for checking : Detailed Creality Forum Instruction

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