Object stuck to platform

  • Hi, I have printed an object, platform was sprayed, temperature 200 C and 60 C.
    After printing was finished I tried to remove it from platform...
    Unfortunately, it is stuck to platform real strong.

    • Does anyone have tips how to remove this without breaking it. E.g. platform with heating on or off? Or..
    • And how to avoid this with new prints. Any hints/advice?
      Thx and grz Ronald

  • If you have canned air that DOESN'T have the fancy nozzle that sprays properly upside down, you can try to spray the lower part of the object with the can upside down to rapidly cool it (and the platform to some degree) hopefully causing enough tension from thermal contraction to cause separation in a corner, after which you can try and use a razor blade or something similar to spread the separation under the part.

  • I heard you can use glue stick on the plate before you print. I have the same problem too and will try this out.

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