Brand New Ender 3 Pro Printer Halted Error

  • Put it together, attempted to print once, seemed to work okay, although tuning was required. cleaned everything up, and attempted to level the bed, and get to tuning. just keeps telling me Printer Halted Please Reset.
    Any help would be muchly appreciated.

  • Maybe in your Firmware is PID active even for your Heated Bed, try tu run the Nozzle and the Bed PID

    M303 C10 E0 S210 U1 // Hotend - 10 runs to 210 degree
    M303 C10 E-1 S60 U1 // Bed - 10 runs to 60 degree

    use some software like for sample Pronterface, to see all the responses from the printer, after it states that the PID-Autotune is finished, save with an M500

    Kind Regards

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