3DPrintMill Crowdfunding Campaign Special Coupon for CR-6 SE Backers

  • Respectable Creality Backers,


    Here is good news for you. We have launched a new killer product-- 3DPrintMill with revolutionary design and shape.

    This 3DPrintMill typically features endless-Z axis printing, thereby achieving continuous batch production without stop.

    Thanksgiving Day is around the corner. To reward Creality backers to CR-6 SE, a 30$ Coupon is exclusively granted to every CR-6 SE buyer for purchasing 3DPrintMill.

    In other words, as long as you bought our CR-6 SE on Kickstarter before, you will get a coupon of 30$ for buying 3DPrintMill. Always remember Kickstarter is the only official channel for buying 3DPrintMill.

    For this new 3DPrintMil campaign, we have learned a lot from the previous CR-6 SE and made many improvements.

    For example, regarding shipping, we will cooperate with over 10 precisely-selected forwarders, which can not only shorten the shipping time but also enhance the work efficiency.

    Most importantly, all 3DPrintMills will go through a 7Dx24h aging test before shipping for quality guarantee.

    Besides, we have reached an agreement with all our distributors: they are not allowed to sell 3DPrintMill until all backers receive their orders.

    So Kickstarter will be the only channel to buy our 3DPrintMill.

    This ultimate 3DPrintMill will be launched on Kickstarter on Nov. 19. You can save up to 50% on early bird prices. Keep an eye on this.

    Finally thank you for your support and we will keep providing consistent quality service and products to you.

    Creality Team

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