Stopping a print cause the nozzle scraping the surface

  • If I ask to stop a print the CR6 (almost) immediately move the nozzle to the front/left corner of the bed. When doing that the Z is unchanged, causing the nozzle to scrap the material and slightly touching the bed, if in example I stop the print during the first layer.

    A small Z movement would very nice, to avoid to damage the existing print or the nozzle.

    Is there an easy fix I can make in the FW to change the actions associated when a print is cancelled? I am good with C but no real experience with Marlin FW code.

  • @shinmai thanks, I will give a shot. At first look it seems plenty of parts changed with respect the original.

  • Oh sure, here. Note if you plan to just use the compiled builds, the release notes have a bunch of important info, and a link to the LCD firmware that needs to be updated to match the FW version, or the LCD won't work.

    Also, currently compiling from Arduino IDE doesn't work, but it's a huge hassle anyway and I hghly recommend just setting up PlatformIO for building Marlin in general, not just for the CR-6.

  • Can you add here link to the repository?


  • This issues is fixed in the community firmware fork, you can refer to the commit history of the Git repo to see what changes were made to the print stopping code.

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