Noisy Fans - Part II - Enclosures and sound absorption?

  • Maybe from another angle, instead of getting quieter fans, has anybody used enclosures and/or noise absorbing low-density foam panels? What is your experience and do you have suggestions?

    I currently have my printer in a closet in my home office but the fans are still too loud. It's not as bad for me because I always play background music. But if my wife uses the office for studying, she doesn't use music and is more sensitive to sounds than me.

    Get an enclosure? Well from my research they are mostly helpful keeping the temperatures up for some consumables and some use them for smell/particulate containment. I think I can get both those benefits with my closet with a space heater and a case fan/respirator filter mod. Visibility? not so much 😉 I will just have to put lighting in there and monitor the print with my rp4 & camera.

    But what about noise? Do you use foam panels at all? What's your setup like?

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