@Admin Can you share the simplify3d Profile you used please.

  • I see all the files in the Model folder was sliced with simplify3d.

    Can you share the FFF profile please as I can't seam to get it right.



  • Those ARE the FFFs those files were sliced with, including the start and end gcodes. That's how S3D works.
    If you import the FFF from the gcode file and slice the same model with the profile S3D created, you'll get a virtually identical sliced gcode file (it won't be 1:1 since the Creality gcode has been sliced with such an old version of S3D).

  • Thank you.

    I was hoping Creality would post the FFF with all the Gcode and what not needed.

  • At least on my SD card, only four files were sliced with Simplify 3D. Also, you can import FFF profiles from gcode files in S3D.
    Here are the FFF files anyway in case someone needs them.
    They seem to be made in v. 4.0.1, with the profiles apparently dating back to 2017, so I'm guessing these are actually either originally sliced for a CR-10 or Ender, or at least using CR-10/Ender profiles (or something similar) with a few manual modifications (which is how I made my CR-6 S3D profiles)

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