CR-10 V2 - filament grinding / stringing / adherence

  • Hey everyone,

    Bought my CR10 V2 2 weeks ago. Installed in 15 minutes and went well. Printed following prints in the following hours:

    At Print 3 everything went haywire:

    • same settings but used new common PLA en the amateur settings on the creality slicer for common PLA.
    • result: tried 3 times but filament grinded down and snapped at the same height/layer - after reading up: definately a retraction issue

    For print 4 i switched to cura slicer, played with retraction and started printing
    Printed started OK, but since i slowed down the retraction by a big amount and speed offcouse mayor stringing occured.

    Since than i tried troubleshooting with standard string tester and micro calibration files. Used standard profiles on creality slicer 1-2-3, as well as custom profiles from users. All gave faulty prints. Never longer than 1 hour of decent printing.

    I can summarize following problems: stringing, filament grinding and first layer adherence.

    I also summarize my attempts, but none of all of this worked. Offcourse i still hope i dont need to replace hot end's, cold'end's, nozzles, PTFE since i barely used this machine, this would be a giant bummer.

    Gratefull for any other insights that you guys might have !


    • Machine is placed in a non-used bedroom in my house, temperature around 17 degrees. Windows and doors closed
    • Spool of filament is placed next to the printer. like the manual stated.
    • Common PLA is jupyter white filament. Working temperature 195 - 215. Tried prints at 200 & 205 °C.

    Filament grinding & clicking:

    • Tried tighting the bolt with the spring at the cold end. No change. However stopped the clicking noise.
    • Tried slowing down retraction to 40mm/s. No change
    • Tried changing to 4mm per retraction. No change
    • And even tried to add minimal 4mm extrusion before activation retraction. No change.
    • Poked the nozzle dozen times with the needle. No blockage.
    • Changed out the spare PTFE and press locks that came in the box.
    • Made sure the gap between nozzle and PTFE was closed, so no blockage could cool down between them. Filament goes nicely in and out.
    • Even calibrated my esteps by measuring what goes in. Standard setting is 93, looks like I have to switch it to 102.5.
      -- Although it does not modify in the firmware and the first print (rabbit planter) came out great. I just left this for a moment of finetuning, when i can at least print something. So did not change this in slicer.
      -- A strange thing i noticed however while doing this is that the filament "springs" back +/- 5mm's when I was testing for the estep and it came near +100.00mm at the extruder axis. Maybe something to do with continous pressure and/or not enough flow at the nozzel ? Maybe bumping up temperature to 215 might solve flowback. However 102.5 estep is correct. Seems high to me, but dont know what is usual.
    • Best I could get was a print with no retraction but with mayor stringin. See foto attached with the MINI test file. (Bridging and tolerance actually was pretty good. However mayor stringing and overhang problems at 35°, which is not great but not my priority right now. I
    • Didn't solve it so moved on to solving stringing issue:


    • Used normal retraction settings like: Z hop, retraction 45mm/s, retraction 4,5mm, minimal travel 1.5mm & minimal extrusion 3mm.
    • Best i could get was pretty close, see attached 4-pole string test. Some minor strings were visible. But couldn't get it better.
    • Couldn't get it better so tried using these settings on another MINI test file to at least solve filament grinding, however adherence was a problem now, since either the first layer warped in 1 specific corner and pulled the rest off. And/of the print came loose mid print and nozzel just pressed out filament untill it either snapped or print file was complete but with a giant oozing out of the nozzle.


    • After that I only had failed prints. Mainly following problems:
      -- Problem 1: 1st layer adherence
      --- First stream of filament does not adhere. And taking other with it and/or warping up to cause troubles at a bigger height:
      --- Almost solved this by doing multiple bed levellings (by hand/paper).
      --- And by using hear spray.
      --- And by using no cooling fan at first layer.
      -- Problem 2: Print looses from bed after +/- 6mm hieght.
      --- Do not know how to solve. I always print a raft and/or brim. And even this does not solve it.
      -- Problem 3: warping:
      --- Raft dampens this effect
      --- Hair spray solves the 1st layer.
      --- Raised bed temperature to 60 degrees.

    So it ended in 4 failed prints, either not adhering, knocking over and oozing all over the place and/or filament grinding.

    And there it is. Hope you guys can give my some new insights and/or a way to solve all of these things at once. Since im cleary in over my head I suppose. I'm handy enough to unscrew everything like the hot end, etc. But I would be disappointed if this machine's parts break down after merely a week.

    Is someone feels OK to share its 0.2 CURA profile for a CR10 V2, which definalty prints the MICRO test file: Than I can at least rule out the slicer settings and focus on mechnical issues.

    Thanks in advance !

    1st print.jpg 2nd print.jpg 3rd print.jpg 4th print.jpg string test.jpg micro test.jpg issue 1.jpg issue 1 (2).jpg issue 2.jpg

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