CR-6 MAX dimensions?

  • Hi, planning some space for my CR-6 MAX, hopefully coming next week. I have read that the frame dimensions are "725 x 785 x 680 mm" but not sure which is the width, depth and height.

  • There are few different ways to answers this. Looking at the unit from the front (i.e., with the display facing you):

    The unit itself is 730mm deep by 575mm wide x just shy of 700mm tall.

    Clearance for the filament spool (opened to the 'feed' position) makes the width about 900mm (I'd plan at least 1m).

    If clearance around the unit isn't your problem and you just want to know how big of a table or cart you'll need, the rubber feet are 535mm deep x 475 mm wide (center to center; the feet are about 25mm in diameter).

    Does that help?


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