Ender 5 plus Y axis not calibrating properly

  • I just built my new Ender 5 plus. Everything appears to be working, however it seems that the machine does not home properly.
    When I hit the home button, the extruder moves all the way along x until it hits the limit switch.
    But then the gantry does not go all the way along positive Y until it hits its limit switch. Instead it seems to assume that the gantry is already in contact with limit switch, and then moves along neg Y until it finds the home position. If the gantry was located more than half way forward (ie in the neg Y half), it slams into the frame, and then moves along z until the nozzle crashes into the bed, since the ABL is no longer over the bed. I switched it off before serious damage could be done.

    It seems that the Y-axis limit switch is not working. I presume that I should test the cable for a short, or test the limit switch. Does this sound like a correct diagnosis? Any suggestions on how to test these things?


  • Ok, it was a cable swap problem. I had the extuder cable going into the Y limit. doh!~ Problem is now solved. Printer is fine. Thanks for your help.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I tested the cable going to the y limit switch (using resistance on multimeter), and the cable is good.
    I also tested the limit switch, by touching multimeter to cable while attached to limit switch on red and yellow. It showed a connection, and when it threw the limit switch, the multimeter showed that the connectivity turned off. So it seems the switch is working.

    The problem is that the gantry will not move in +Y until after homing the device. Before homing, gantry can be moved -Y, but attempts to move +Y do nothing (except a small click sound). After homing, manual movement of +Y and -Y work ok. But when I home again, it still does not move along +Y (thus it never hits the Y limit switch).

    This seems to indicate that motors, limit switch and cables are ok, but the problem lies in software.

    I did upgrade the firmware to a version found on the Facebook Creality User Group (Ver 1.71.0 KF), but this did not fix the problem.

    Please advise me for what could possibly be causing this problem, and how I can test for problem areas.



  • Dear @biomorphica

    Use a multimeter to test the limit switch pins, whether the continuity is normal, and test the limit switch interface to see if there is a short circuit.
    Substitution test: Remove and install the x and y limit switches and test them again; finally make a decision.

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