Filament isn't coming out hotend

  • All of a sudden, my printer lost any ability to let filament come out the hotend. The part that pushes the filament through the Bowden tube is working, but no filament is coming out of the nozzle. Does anyone know how to solve this issue? Thanks!

  • @shinmai I have had this trouble with my CR-10, filament not printing. I have replaced the tube, both connectors AND the nozzle, yet nothing but a single small blob exits the nozzle. I thought after the nozzle replacement I had it fixed, since I could see a string of melted filament stream out when I manually pushed the filament. Now I can't even get that. I see the gears move for the filament motor, so all seems to be working. What else is there to fix/replace??

  • Dear @ilikeprinting123

    1. Check if the plug is blocked; clean the nozzles and tubes, please refer to the tutorial video in your memory card for details.
    2. Check if the extruder motor (e motor) works correctly.

  • @ilikeprinting123 Sounds like a clogged nozzle. There are probably more specific instructions for your printer model, but clearing out a clog usually entails:

    • heating the hotend to a high-ish temperature
    • removing the nozzle
    • freeing the bowden tube from it's collet or coupler
    • pushing the tube repeatedly through the throat of the hotend until no more filament bits come out
    • cutting a new clean end to the bowden tube
    • screwing on a new nozzle
    • reseating the bowden tube
    • closing the collet/coupler.

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