Firmware update failed, printer screen is blank! HELP!

  • Just got my Ender 3 Pro about a month ago. Worked great. Made a number of prints. I wanted to get the BlTouch so I figured I had to upgrade the firmware. After a lot messing around I realized I have the V4.2.2 board so 32-bit. After reading on this forum what I needed to do I downloaded the *.bin file from Creality site, the file for non bltouch ender 3pro with 32-bit board. I bought new micro sdcard, partition at 1.9gb, formatted to fat32 and copied this file to it. Plugged into printer and turned it on. Screen is blank, nothing! Where/what do I do now?

    Thanks for any help delivered.


  • Dear @mgosselin

    Flush the original BIN file again; the next time you install BL TOUCH, flush the corresponding firmware again (BL TOUCH has a distinction between adapter board and non-adapter board).

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