A lot of Problems with my new CR-6-SE

  • Hu Guys

    today i got my new CR 6 SE and i am a little bit disappointed. Here are my Problems

    1. I did the Auto Leveling with the default offset 0.20, after put the SD card in to Print something, the Filament do not touch the Bed in the front but in the middle and at the End ???

    While heating up the Nozzle, the filament is continuously flowing, while the stepper for the Pla is not running??

    I use the new Cura and Creality slice as well. Same problems..

    I hope you guys can helped me

  • The board requires the sd to be inserted, to store the leveling information.

    About the offset, personally I use 0.20 after having tightened all screws, but this is a parameter subject to calibration, using a layer test print or similar.

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