All Fans at 100% - Why? New CR 6 SE Printer on m desk

  • Hello Community, I'm new to 3D Printing. My friend has an Ender 3 and is very happy with it. His printer is quite loud, that's why he got a silent motherboard upgrade - now it's kid of quiet (advertised ~50 db)

    My problem:
    I've assembled my printer - turned the power switch on - and ALL FANS are at 100% and the printer is loud, my ears hurt after a few mins. I've updated the firmware to the new Update - no changes. After auto bed leveling - no changes.

    I'm getting pretty frustrated.. I don't know what the problem could be! Does anyone have an idea what this could be?
    ...the CR6 SE is advertised at around ~30db i guess?`
    ...the printer is at idle and you can hear it through a door! .. 😕 I'm confused - any help?

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