Ender 3 pro 4.2.2 with makerbase 3D touch

  • Hello,

    I installed 3d touch on ender 3 pro with 4.2.2 motherboard, updated firmware with "14 Nov, 2020
    4.2.2 Ender-3 pro 32bit Marlin2.0.1 BLtouch V1.1.2without adapter board.rar "

    started printer, probe "seems" to work be making probe in/out several time, i can move Z axis up/down

    The problem is when i do a auto-home, X/Y are fine but Z home has not been set and after that it "STOPPED" , i cannot move Z axis down anymore ' up is fine)

    Other people seem to encounter this problem too, any clues ?


  • Dear @Xno

    Check if the cable of BL TOUCH is plugged incorrectly. Please take a picture if it is convenient, thanks for trying to re-flash with this firmware.

    Marlin2.0.1 BLtouch without adapter board.zip

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