Ender 5 Pro Stock Firmware (8-bit, v1.1.5, Marlin 1.1.8, no BL-Touch)

  • I recently replaced the 8-bit v1.1.5 mainboard in my Ender 5 Pro and need help locating the correct stock firmware that does not include support for BL-Touch. Any help would be appreciated!

    The only 8-bit download I see on Creality's website is for the BL-Touch firmware.

    The replacement board I purchased came with the Ender 3 firmware installed, thus the need to replace the firmware with the stock Ender 5 Pro firmware.

    Creality - can you email me the stock Ender 5 Pro v1.1.5 Marlin 1.1.8/9 firmware files?

    Thank you!

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