Temperature Reporting Bug affects multiple host software suites

  • Didn't see a post in this Ender 3 subgroup about the temperature reporting bug, so I thought I would echo it here. Basically the Ender firmware (and those from other Creality printers, apparently) has recently changed, causing a duplication of temperature reporting data, which then breaks/makes ineffective temperature-related monitoring in host softwares like Octoprint and Repetier. Octoprint has created their own fix, but ideally this is repaired in the Ender firmware, so it does not have to be fixed by each host software maker.

    Further details can be seen in this thread for the CR-6 SE /CR-6 MAX 3D:

    there they reference Octoprint's identification of the bug:

    It is also discussed in this forum for Repetier:

    Just wanted to make sure the Creality team knew of this and if they could chime in on whether they intend to fix it or not..
    You could probably just plagiarize the (open source) Octoprint fix and integrate it into the firmware?

    Thanks in advance.

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