Ender 3 Pro constantly ruins prints (Most off the time it will knock over the print).

  • I used tape and I turned the bed temp up to 80C and this did really help but every print I do whenever I look at the in progress print it is very messy with excess filament all around it. I feel this could be due to over extruding but I am not sure how to fix it. If anyone had any suggestions that would be incredible helpful.

  • What slicing software are you using?
    Have you tried reducing the extruder feed speed in small increments until it looks better?
    Also, you may have the head temperature set too high again, try reducing this in 2 or 5 degree increments to see what happens.
    Try a mix of 40% PVA glue to 30% water , since using this, i have to virtually 'hack' the component off of the bed - it isn't coming off during the print cycle, that's for sure!
    Bed levelling is crucial, something that needs to be checked before each print job (ideally).

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