Printing Failure

  • Printing Failure: Two prints and two failures. I followed online and written instructions but not getting the Ender 5 Pro to finish the job. What can i do to troubleshoot? Also there seems to be no listing for the Ender 5 Pro on the support page.![0_1606225071975_20201124_083329.jpg](Uploading 8%)

  • @shinmai Point taken. My frustration comes from nothing working the same way twice nor do my corrections seem last from print to print. I get tinkering and engineering, but this is getting a little ridiculous![1_1606522766465_small-benchy1.gif](Uploading 100%) ![0_1606522766465_small-benchy2.gif](Uploading 100%) for an expensive system. It should accomplish its basic functions out of the box and it not then it should have good directions to help with trouble shooting, which it doesn't.

    For example now the printer, prints PLA in a sort of mesh. I have no idea why but it looks like an extrusion issue. I am scouring youtube but I am coming up short. It would be good to hear from the manufacturers what could cause extrusion problems in the ender 5 pro. It's different from the ender 5 and it's not the ender 3 so I have found it hard to find specific guidance from creality. Anyway if you know what is causing this mess look I'd love to know.
    Thank you for your time.![1_1606522864259_small-benchy2.gif](Uploading 100%) ![0_1606522864259_small-benchy1.jpg](Uploading 100%)

  • FWIW, you posted your first message before the image uploaded, which is probably why you haven't gotten replies, as without the image, the information people have on your issue is pretty much "I cannot finish prints on my Ender 5 Pro".

    Also, if you don't want to get frustrated with this hobby, it's good to keep in mind that 3d-printing on low-cost hobbyist machines like this wil always involve a lot of experimenting, tweaking and testing. If you want something more plug-and-play, those printers do exist, but are in a whole different price range.

    Anyway, if you describe your problem(s) in a bit more detail, and/or resubmit the photo, I'm sure people will try to help you figure out how to address the issues you're seeing and try to get the printer to function as expected.

  • So I think I have tried it all. I have updated the slicer software, fixed the z-axis Step problem (which was very hard to do), tried different PLAs and put a raft on everything and still the system has made 1 good print in 15. notw they are all coming out like mesh. nothing seems to work. A decent tutorial on how to make this functional is very much needed otherwise i am just spending my days researching every possible edge case. it's hard to figure out what's wrong and what works when there is a different failure all the time.

    Also Creality has not responded once to my requests for assistance or advice. I get it that REDDIT is available but i would like to here it from the developers what the common settings should look like to get started. What does normal look like? I don't know. I am going to give this another few days then call it quits. I'll then be asking for a refund because this thing should work for the money.

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