Ender 3 vs 6

  • Looking at the 3 v2 or 6

    I see a 6se and just the 6

    What is the difference outside of the plexiglass box around it?

    Is the 6 better to buy over the 3v2?


  • I'd say much bigger issues than bed leveling and menu inconveniances with the CR-6 are the badly designed hotend cable stress relief (will fail if not fixed, it's a matter of when, not if), the way too low rated power switch (rated at 6 or 10A depending on what you get, these too WILL fail eventually with the PSU's 60A of inrush current), the tinned power wires to and from the PSU (these, too, will fail sooner or later with thermal expansion and contraction eroding the tension of the screw terminals), the destructive errors with the USB port, the improper insulation under the motherboard and the way the extruder and filament runout sensor are mounted relative to eachother.

  • I have both, personal and lab, the CR6 has better quality and it is faster but the ender 3 v2 has been more reliable for me.

    The CR6 has more optional that you can had later to an ender3v2. CR6s had problems, for me they mostly are associated with the bed leveling and some problem in picking the last one from the SD card, making possible the prints starts with bad parameters.

    If you starting, I would suggest the the V2, but if you want all the optionals from day 1 and assume new FWs fix current issues, get the CR6.

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