Creality Ender 6 Cura Slicer Profile

  • Hello there,
    I would like to ask if anyone has some refferences with entering the Creality Ender 6 printer into Cura? I have seen that for other Creality printers a default profile exists in Cura. So it would be helpful if someone can give some hints how to setup Cura step by step correctly for an Creality Ender 6 printer.
    Or is there soon coming an update which contains the ender 6?

  • So I tried copying the file into Cura 4.10
    and I can select the printer, but I am not getting all the other profiles for the different sizes., (0.12 .16 .2 etc)
    I tried changing those cfg files, but no luck.

    How do I get those quality items in there?


  • Creality Slicer misses some of the settings I need in Cura 4.8 though

    Why did Creality nobble Cura in that way ??

    Z Seam is missing Back ... only has a few options vs the full options in Cura 4.8

  • Figured it out! 🙂

    For me (on the Mac) it works as follows:

    Creality Ender 6 on Cura 4.8.0

    I used the files from the Creality slicer installation

    Clear all user-related files - a fresh install might be necessary?
    On MAC: delete ~/Library/Application Support/cura
    On windows: might not be needed, or it might. Need to test.

    Without this step (on the MAC) Cura crashed for me after copying the files and starting Cura.

    The variants file have to be modified slightly; setting_version needs to be 16 for Cura 4.8.0

    Copy file creality_ender6.def.json
    from defintions folder to definitions folder in installation directory

    Copy files

    from variants folder to variants folder in installation directory

    Remember to change setting_Version to 16 under [metadata] in each file.

    setting_version = 16
    type = variant
    hardware_type = nozzle

  • Anyone???

  • I just downloaded the Cura 4.8.0 and cant find the Ender-6 settings. What are the profile details for this printer?

  • I've been working on this for the last 2 days. I've not been able to get it sorted to work the Ender 6 Slicer profile into Cura 4.7 or 4.8. Even setting up a CUSTOM seems to have issues. No nozzle shows up in the materials section.

    Love if we could get this sorted out and start using this good looking machine on the latest software.

  • @Hankster okey super, thanks for your answer! Then I will try it with the default settings 🙂

  • I'm thinking you can use the settings that Creality Slicer (Cura 4.2.1) has. Works for me.

  • @kimlig The printer comes with Cura 4.2.1 already to go pre-configured. Of course it's been tweeked by Creality and re-branded as Creality Slicer. Now if those settings can be entered as a Custom printer in the current version of Cura 4.7 is worth a try.

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