Ultimaker Cura 4.8.0 now supports CR-6 SE.

  • I just updated and testing some prints, has anyone used this new version yet?

  • @shinmai Same I print at 195°C to help cut down on stringing, that's my only issue just a little bit of stringing.

  • @igotfits Depends on filament and print speed. For Octofiber PLA, which is what I print most, and for my usual speeds of 60/50/45/30mm/s (infill, wall, outer wall, top/bottom/1st layer) I have 5mm at 30mm/s. For acceleration, I've been using a junction deviation of 0.06

    I should mention, too, that I print Octofiber PLA a tad colder at 195°C.

  • @shinmai What settings ya got for retraction and acceleration? how low did you go?

  • After I got most of my surface artifacts removed by tweaking retraction and acceleration, I've been able to get almost flawless surfaces by using Sharpest Corner or Smart Hiding and manually tweaking the Z seam position to hide the seam as much as possible and then tweaking the Coasting volume to absolutely minimize the sizse of the "seam zit". It takes some tweaking and testing, but it's well worth it especially for parts you can't or don't want to post-process (a lot of silk and metallic filaments look really bad after sanding, for instance, unless you really go down to incredibly fine grit and genuinely polish the part, which might be really hard for a model with a lot of small details)

  • @shinmai Testing "Sharpest Corner" and "Coasting".

  • The 4.8.0 CR-6 profile has Z seam alignment set to User Specified and Back by default, which I'd assume is what you're seeing. Can be minimised by tweaking retraction, enabling combing while retracting and/or enablign coasting. You can also set Z seam to Random, making any artifacts left from tweaking retraction related setting less uniform, or if your model has any corners, set it to Sharpest corner, which usually hides it pretty well.

  • I am using it, prints look fine.

    I have noticed an issue with cone-like shapes: a small vertical line artifact appears, it seems like CURA starts for the same polar angle at each layer, however a bit of material is missing. Not 100% sure this is 4.8 but I am quite positive.

    Other than that, the default profile looks ok, I am generally printing at a little higher speed with generally good results or at least not worse than CURA 4.7.

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