first ABS printing, what went wrong? ender 3 v2

  • used 240C (nozzle), 110(bed), 50m/s, 0 fan. as filament manufacture suggested.
    what i need to fix ?
    3D Benchy by CreativeTools
    ![2_1606307423658_P01125-141630.jpg](Uploading 100%) ![1_1606307423657_P01125-141549.jpg](Uploading 100%) ![0_1606307423654_P01125-141533.jpg](Uploading 100%)

  • I think something went wrong with uploading the picture and we can't see it. Printing abs is much more difficult than printing pla, you can watch some basic youtube videos about printing abs like for example. Please try to post the picture again so we can see what exactly might be wrong.

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