Z motor bracket upgrade

  • Hi,

    I assembled the V2 with no problem. Very straight forward and enjoyable build.
    All parts and sub assemblies are precisely prepared and wonderfully packed. Great kit and a great 3D printer!

    However, I encountered one part that wasn't up to the overall standard.
    The plastic bar that is used as a bracket to hold the Z motor to the Z upright rail isn't square.
    As a result, the Z motor takes a small angle which puts the Z lead screw non parallel to the Z rail.
    This could be fixed by some careful shimming but I decided to make an alternative bracket out of square aluminum stock.

    This turned out great. I could now tighten the bracket screws as needed and the Z lead screw remained parallel to the Z rail..
    IMG_20201119_125635-s.jpg IMG_20201119_130249-s.jpg


  • Actually no CNC involved..

    Stock 12mm square aluminum bar cut to size with a band saw,
    Smoothed al surfaces on a bench belt sander,
    Copied the holes locations and drilled on a basic drill press,
    Countersunk 2 holes on the drill press,
    Shaped the arc with a half round hand file, finished with fine grit sanding paper wrapped on a metal tube,

    That simple..


  • @Nid Neat. You probably have a CNC Router as i do not see any filed parts.

    I was lucky as my 3Pro screws were parallel and there is no binding on the screw even with fully tightened screws on the z axis nut.

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