First print

  • Ender 3 pro software version 0.0.6, May 30 2020, new out of the box, assembled ok, leveled bed, loaded PLA with no problems,auto home no problem, inserted supplied sd card, question is when selecting “print from TF” menu opens i select “the owl” for my first print and nothing happens? Am i doing something incorrectly?
    Thank you for taking the time to help, first time user

  • @webs911sc Hi I have a new printer : Creality Ender5 pro
    I had some days ago a permanent error "TMC connection error"
    I saw on this forum the solution ( download a new .bin file on the tf card and insert the tf card in the card reader of the printer ) and fortunately the error vanished ! I am very happy.

    Then I tried, as you did , to print from tf card , the owl or the others patterns. And nothing happens , as for you.

    Please tell me what i have to do.

    Thanks for your help, and kind regards from France

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