Print Bed wont stop heating?

  • I received my ender 3 on June 17th from one of your distributors (Comgrow) from amazon and have been loving it, 2 days ago on August 11th right when I was going to start a print I noticed the bed temp rising past the 70 degrees C I use when printing PETG. It kept on rising until it reached the max temp around 110 degrees C. Now every time I turn on the printer, even when not printing the bed will keep on heating up to max temp no matter what I do. So I'm figuring the MOSFET that controls the temp of the bed is burnt out, which leaves me with the option of not fixing or buying a new motherboard. Great printer but small parts are defective. Was wondering what I should do to possibly fix?

  • @sirwilly

    You might want to check out YouTube for videos for Thermal Runaway testing and how to enable in Marlin firmware which is a huge hassle.

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