Ender 5 Pro Z-Axis steps/mm is wrong on firmware

  • I need help updating the firmware or changing the Z-Axis steps/mm on my Ender 5. I can't get anything to print correctly because the steps/mm is 400, for an older model. There is no easy way to update this function and i can't get the computer to recognize the printer to send gcoded instructions. how do you download a viable new firmware with this setting FIXED? Why can't there be simple updates and files to change for something that should mini-usb plug and play?

  • Dear @zphass

    Please follow this as well : control-motion-step-Z/step-800

  • @admin I'm having the same issue, but when I went to control-motion, there were no options. A local guy helped me put in some firmware he customized and it still wouldn't work. PLEASE help me fix this issue - I can't fathom why you guys would change the hardware (z-screw) but leave the firmware in a state where it wouldn't work.

  • Dear @WigginsRedux

    Please follow this : control-motion-step-Z/step-800

  • Did you already got a answer?

    I also got a new Ender 5 Pro and having the same problem with it. Firmware is 1.1.8 preinstalled. I would also wonder how i get the newest firmware on it in a easy way... it did'nt work with *.bin to SD-Card like @admin described...

    -> Creality could work on a better and detailled Instruction-Manual... I'm not a programmer...

    For the Problem with the Z-Axis, i found out a workaround... I just changed manually the steps/mm to 800. If you do that by hand you will be on it for a while. I took of the button and spin it with a drillmachine.

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