scale numbers

  • Screenshot (1535).png hi, the x,y,z, in blender is X(74.3),Y(53.2).Z(80.1) and after loading in creality slicer is X(80.1),Y(74.3),Z(53.2). what to do to be correct printed like in original blender file : to load the file in creality slicer and live it like that or to change the numbers in the scale slicer? thanks.![alt text]Screenshot (1534).png (![0_1606406690063_Screenshot (1534).png](Uploading 0%) image url) ,

  • in blender is X(74.3),Y(53.2).Z(80.1)
    creality slicer is X(80.1),Y(74.3),Z(53.2)

    Software X Y Z
    Cura 80.1 74.3 53.2
    Blender 74.3 53.2 80.1

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